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2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin 
2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Course Descriptions

This area consists of course descriptions in an alphabetical order that parallels the order used in the Schedule of Classes. Because of certain groupings of courses by sponsoring departments, you will find some cross-references, such as Statistics (STAT)-See Mathematical Sciences.

Standard information for each course includes the number, title, and credits (sometimes called credit hours or semester hours). For some courses, you will find information about the hours of laboratory or studio for which the course is scheduled during each week of a regular semester; these weekly hours are expanded during summer sessions. Fees for courses are assessed on the basis of credits and other factors.

V.T. (Variable Title) is shown for courses approved for variable titles. The title used for the course may be changed to specify the topic or other special focus of each offering of the course.

The course numbering system generally suggests levels of difficulty and appropriateness. Undergraduate courses eligible for graduate credit have numbers below 500. Courses at the 500 level in Purdue University departments are open to both advanced undergraduate and graduate students; other courses numbered 500 and above are generally open only to graduate students.

Preparation for courses is indicated as follows:

P: Indicates a prerequisite that must precede your enrollment in the course described. You may find one or more specific course numbers, the number of credits you should already have in a subject, or other conditions.

C: Indicates a corequisite that must be taken no later than the same semester you take the course described.

R: Indicates a recommendation concerning conditions to be met for enrollment in the course.

When no subject code is shown for prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended courses, they are in the same subject area as the course being described. If you lack a prerequisite or corequisite, you may seek the instructor’s consent to enroll in the course.

Session indicators (fall, spring, summer) suggest the times at which courses are generally offered. However, scheduling patterns may vary.

IPFW reserves the right to add, withdraw, or change courses without notice.

   •  EDUA F500 - Topical Exploration in Education
   •  EDUA G598 - Comprehensive Examination in Counseling
   •  EDUA G599 - Specialization Project in Counseling
   •  EDUA M540 - Methods of Teaching in the Middle School
   •  EDUA M550 - Practicum: Junior High/Middle School
   •  EDUA T555 - Problems in Human Relations and Cultural Awareness
   •  EDUC A500 - Introduction to Educational Leadership
   •  EDUC A508 - School Law and the Teachers
   •  EDUC A510 - School-Community Relations
   •  EDUC A515 - Educational Leadership: Teacher Development and Evaluation
   •  EDUC A554 - Computer Applications for Administrators
   •  EDUC A560 - Political Perspectives of Education
   •  EDUC A590 - Independent Study in School Administration
   •  EDUC A600 - Problems in School Administration
   •  EDUC A608 - Legal Perspectives on Education
   •  EDUC A624 - Educational Leadership: The Principalship K-12
   •  EDUC A625 - Administration of Elementary Schools
   •  EDUC A627 - Secondary School Administration
   •  EDUC A630 - Economic Dimensions of Education
   •  EDUC A635 - Public School Budgeting and Accounting
   •  EDUC A638 - Public School Personnel Management
   •  EDUC A640 - Planning Educational Facilities
   •  EDUC A653 - The Organizational Context of Education
   •  EDUC A695 - Practicum in Educational Leadership
   •  EDUC A720 - Workshop on Selected Problems in School Administration
   •  EDUC D512 - Seminar in Forms and Forces of Adult Education
   •  EDUC E505 - Organization and Administration of Early Childhood Programs
   •  EDUC E507 - Evaluation of Classroom Behavior
   •  EDUC E508 - Seminar in Early Childhood Education
   •  EDUC E513 - Workshop in Elementary Social Studies
   •  EDUC E516 - Workshop in Elementary School Science
   •  EDUC E524 - Workshop in Early Childhood Education
   •  EDUC E525 - Advanced Curriculum Study in Early Childhood Education
   •  EDUC E535 - Elementary School Curriculum
   •  EDUC E536 - Supervision of Elementary School Instruction
   •  EDUC E547 - Advanced Study in the Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary Schools
   •  EDUC E548 - Advanced Teaching of Science in the Elementary School
   •  EDUC E590 - Research in Elementary Education
   •  EDUC E595 - Problem Analysis in Elementary Education
   •  EDUC F516 - Advanced Study in the Teaching of Secondary School English Language Arts
   •  EDUC F549 - Advanced Study in the Teaching of Language Arts in the Elementary Schools
   •  EDUC G502 - Professional Orientation and Ethics
   •  EDUC G503 - Counseling Theories and Techniques I: Humanistic and Existential
   •  EDUC G504 - Counseling Theories and Techniques II: Behavior and Family Systems
   •  EDUC G505 - Individual Appraisal: Principles and Procedures
   •  EDUC G524 - Practicum in Counseling
   •  EDUC G525 - Advanced Counseling Practicum
   •  EDUC G532 - Introduction to Group Counseling
   •  EDUC G542 - Organization and Development of Counseling Programs
   •  EDUC G550 - Internship in Counseling and Guidance
   •  EDUC G551 - Advanced Internship in Counseling
   •  EDUC G552 - Career Counseling: Theory and Practice
   •  EDUC G562 - School Counseling: Intervention Consultation and Program Development
   •  EDUC G563 - Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
   •  EDUC G567 - Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling
   •  EDUC G570 - Human Sexuality
   •  EDUC G575 - Multicultural Counseling
   •  EDUC G580 - Topical Seminar in Counseling and Guidance
   •  EDUC G590 - Research in Counseling and Guidance
   •  EDUC G592 - Seminar in Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention
   •  EDUC H503 - History of Education in Western Civilization
   •  EDUC H504 - History of American Education
   •  EDUC H520 - Education and Social Issues
   •  EDUC H522 - The Schooling of Women and Girls
   •  EDUC H530 - Philosophy of Education
   •  EDUC H538 - Critical Thinking and Education
   •  EDUC H540 - Sociology of Education
   •  EDUC H551 - Comparative Education I
   •  EDUC J500 - Instruction in the Context of Curriculum
   •  EDUC J511 - Methods of Individualizing Instruction
   •  EDUC J515 - Methods of Small Group Instruction
   •  EDUC J520 - Learning Materials Development and Construction
   •  EDUC K500 - Topical Workshop in Special Education
   •  EDUC K505 - Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students
   •  EDUC K525 - Survey of Mild Handicaps
   •  EDUC K535 - Assessment and Remediation of the Mildly Handicapped
   •  EDUC K536 - Assessment and Remediation of the Mildly Handicapped II
   •  EDUC K541 - Transition Across the Life Span
   •  EDUC K553 - Classroom Management & Behavior Support
   •  EDUC K565 - Collaboration & Service Delivery
   •  EDUC K595 - Practicum in Special Education
   •  EDUC K599 - Master’s Thesis in Special Education
   •  EDUC L511 - Advanced Study in the Teaching of Writing in Elementary Schools
   •  EDUC L520 - Advanced Study in Foreign Language Teaching
   •  EDUC L524 - Language Education Issues in Bilingual and Multicultural Education
   •  EDUC L530 - Topical Workshop in Language Education
   •  EDUC L559 - Trade Books in the Elementary Classroom
   •  EDUC M500 - Integrated Professional Seminar
   •  EDUC M501 - Laboratory/Field Experience
   •  EDUC M514 - Workshop in Social Studies Education
   •  EDUC N517 - Advanced Study in the Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics
   •  EDUC N523 - Workshop in Elementary Modern Mathematics
   •  EDUC N543 - Advanced Study in the Teaching of Mathematics in the Elementary Schools
   •  EDUC P501 - Statistical Method Applied to Education
   •  EDUC P503 - Introduction to Research
   •  EDUC P507 - Testing in the Classroom
   •  EDUC P510 - Psychology in Teaching
   •  EDUC P514 - Life Span Development: Birth to Death
   •  EDUC P515 - Child Development
   •  EDUC P516 - Adolescent Development

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