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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are listed in alphabetical order.

Standard information for each course includes the number, title, and credits (sometimes called credit hours or semester hours). For some courses, you will find information on the hours of class, laboratory, or studio for which the course is scheduled in each week of a regular semester; these weekly hours are expanded during summer sessions. Fees for courses are assessed on the basis of credits and other factors.

The course-numbering system generally suggests levels of difficulty and appropriateness. Courses at the 100 and 200 levels comprise introductory offerings and those are most commonly taken by freshmen and sophomores. Courses at the 300 and 400 levels are primarily for juniors and seniors. In some Purdue programs, undergraduates take courses at the 500 level, but generally courses numbered 500 and above are for graduate students.

Preparation for courses is indicated as follows:

P: indicates a prerequisite that must precede your enrollment in the course described. You may find one or more specific course numbers, the number of credits you should already have in a subject, a placement-test level, or other conditions.

C: indicates a corequisite that must be taken no later than the same semester in which you take the course described.

R: indicates a recommendation concerning conditions to be met for enrollment in the course.

When no subject code is shown for prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended courses, they are in the same subject area as the course being described. If you lack a prerequisite or corequisite, or if you wish to take a course numbered at a higher level than your present status, you should seek the department’s or instructor’s consent to enroll in the course.

V.T. means Variable Title and is shown for courses for which the title may be changed to specify the topic or other special focus of each offering.

Session indicators (fall, spring, summer) suggest the times at which courses are generally offered. Scheduling patterns may, however, vary.

IPFW reserves the right to add, withdraw, or change courses without notice.


   •  VCD H495 - Thesis Seminar And Exhibition I
   •  VCD H496 - Thesis Seminar And Exhibition II
   •  VCD P101 - Observational Drawing
   •  VCD P102 - Introduction to 2-D Design
   •  VCD P103 - Craftsmanship/Assembly
   •  VCD P104 - Introduction to Typography
   •  VCD P105 - Digital Imaging
   •  VCD P201 - Directed Drawing
   •  VCD P202 - Introduction to Photography
   •  VCD P203 - Web Design I: Introduction to Web Design
   •  VCD P204 - Introduction To 3-D Design
   •  VCD P205 - Graphic Design I: Introduction to Graphic Design
   •  VCD P206 - Illustration I: Dry Media
   •  VCD P207 - Photography I: Portraiture
   •  VCD P208 - Video and Intermedia I
   •  VCD P301 - Photography II: Applied Imaging
   •  VCD P302 - Photography III: Conceptual Imaging
   •  VCD P303 - Graphic Design II: Identity and Branding
   •  VCD P304 - Graphic Design III: Publication Design
   •  VCD P305 - Illustration II: Wet Media
   •  VCD P306 - Illustration III: Vector
   •  VCD P307 - Photography IV: Editorial Imaging
   •  VCD P308 - Photography V: Special Projects/Portfolio
   •  VCD P309 - Video And Intermedia II
   •  VCD P310 - Introduction To 3D Computer Modeling
   •  VCD P311 - Intermediate 3D Computer Modeling
   •  VCD P312 - Storyboarding
   •  VCD P313 - Animation I: Stop Motion To Digital
   •  VCD P314 - Animation II: Character Development
   •  VCD P401 - Illustration IV: Raster
   •  VCD P402 - Graphic Design IV: Packaging And Display
   •  VCD P403 - Graphic Design V: Digital Prepress/Portfolio
   •  VCD P404 - Animation 3: Game And Virtual Worlds
   •  VCD P405 - Animation 4: Special Projects/Portfolio
   •  VCD P406 - Advanced 3D Computer Modeling
   •  VCD P407 - Professional Practice Internship
   •  VCD P408 - Independent Study
   •  VM 10200 - Careers in Veterinary
   •  WOST W210 - Introduction To Women’s And Gender Studies
   •  WOST W225 - Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture
   •  WOST W240 - Topics in Feminism
   •  WOST W301 - International Perspectives on Women
   •  WOST W302 - Topics in Women’s Studies
   •  WOST W304 - Feminist Theories
   •  WOST W340 - Topics in Lesbian and Gay Culture
   •  WOST W400 - Topics in Women’s Studies
   •  WOST W480 - Practicum in Women’s Studies
   •  WOST W495 - Readings and Research in Women’s Studies

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