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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

ANTH B400 - Undergraduate Seminar

This course explores the field of ancient DNA research, including an historical perspective on the development of the science, and a review of the current trends and exciting new results. The ability to access ancient molecules (not only DNA but also proteins, lipids, and other interesting molecules) has opened new doors in our understanding of the prehistory of our planet. This course will focus on applications within Anthropology, but will also touch on palaeontological and forensic applications of this science, and will include discussion of the work currently in progress in the instructor’s Ancient DNA laboratory in the IU Institute of Molecular Biology. Grades are based on discussion participation, five written critical commentaries on assigned readings, and a research paper, with each component contributing one-third of the course grade. Although there are no specific prerequisites for the course, I will assume a good knowledge of bioanthropology as well as some basic genetics. This course requires a significant amount of reading of primary literature.

Preparation for Course
ANTH B200 and junior class standing or three courses in biology or anatomy.

Cr. 3.
Session Indicators
Typically offered Fall and Spring
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