Jun 20, 2019  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2010-2011 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Political Science

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Department of Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences

Liberal Arts Building 209  ~ 260-481-6686 ~ www.ipfw.edu/pols

Political science includes basic issues in governance; political structures, processes, and controls; social conditions; and intergovernmental relations. This program helps you prepare to be an informed citizen or public servant; to succeed in a wide variety of careers; or to engage in further study of government, politics, or law.

The Department of Political Science offers a Bachelor of Arts, an Associate of Arts with a concentration in political science, a minor, Teacher Certification, and a Certificate in Civic Education and Public Advocacy (see Program Descriptions ).  The department also offers specialized advising for prelaw students.

Prelaw Program and Advising

Advising for prelaw students is provided by faculty in the political science department. Although no specific major is usually required for admission to law school, prelaw students can benefit greatly from the experience and analytical skills gained from the study of political science.

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