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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010 [Archived Catalog]

Mathematics Concentration (A.A.)

Program Offered: Concentration A.A.
Department of Mathematical Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

Kettler Hall 200 ~ 260-481-6821 ~ www.ipfw.edu/math

The student learning outcomes for the degree are as follows:

  • Students who complete the Associate of Arts Degree in Mathematics should be able to reason mathematically and should be good problem solvers.
  • Students should understand the role mathematics has played in solving important problems in a variety of disciplines, e.g. physics, engineering and business.
  • Students who complete the degree should be prepared to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics in two years with a full-time course load.

The requirement of a Quantitative Reasoning course in IPFW General Education Area I is satisfied by the courses below. If you plan to continue for a bachelor’s degree with a major in mathematics or mathematics teaching, see Part 5  for B.S. requirements.