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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010 [Archived Catalog]

Native American Studies Certificate

Program: Certificate in Native American Studies
College of Arts and Sciences

Classroom-Medical Building 153 ~ 260-481-6160

The student learning outcomes for the degree are as follows:

  • The holder of this certificate will have knowledge of the cultures, prehistory, and creative and artistic expression of Native Americans.  He or she will be able to apply this knowledge in pursuit of social work or economic development work on behalf of Native American Organizations.

A certificate in Native American studies is available to all IPFW students. The program provides an appreciation of the cultures, prehistory, history, and creative and artistic expression of Native Americans for the benefit of those who may be interested in social work, economic development, and Native American organizations.

To earn the certificate, you must meet all regular IPFW admission requirements (see Part 8 ) and complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher in each course:

Program Requirements

Credits in prehistory of Native Americans chosen from the following: Credits: 3

Credits in Native American studies chosen from the following: Credits: 3

Additional credits from the lists above or in an approved elective Credits: 3

Total Credits: 18