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2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Philosophy (B.A.)

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Program: B.A.
Department of Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences

Liberal Arts Building 23~ 260-481-6366 ~

The student learning outcomes for the degree are as follows: 

  • Possess general knowledge and critical appreciations of western and non-western philosophical thought, its principles branches and their history.
  • Acquisition and honing of close reading, creative writing, and critical thinking skills.

The major in philosophy is a traditional humanities and liberal-arts program.  The program favors a contextual approach to philosophy; the emphasis in its history courses is therefore on understanding the bigger context and what philosophy’s contribution to the history of Western Thought is.  The program also favors a transdisciplinary approach; all inquiry in its topics courses is therefore well-informed by facts and results of cognate disciplines or the sciences.  Students are encouraged either to double-major or to pursue the unique “Philosophy Plus Two” majoring option, in which coursework in up to two other disciplines informs their capstone work in philosophy.  The program is a great preparation for jobs that require excellent analytic writing or critical thinking skills but also for graduate studies in the discipline or other programs, including but not limited to ministry, history, and law.

To earn the Bachelor of Arts with a major in philosophy, you must fulfill the requirements of IPFW (see Part 8 ) and the College of Arts and Sciences (see Part 4 ), and complete the following courses:

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

Foreign Language

  • Requirements in Arts and Sciences Part B Credits: 14

Distribution (not in PHIL)

  • Requirements in Arts and Sciences Part C Credits: 9

Cultural Studies

  • Requirements in Arts and Sciences Part D

Program Requirements

Topics Courses (either Cycle): Credits: 3

Choose one additional topics course from one of the three cycles listed above.

Capstone Work: Credits: 3

Choose one of the following:

Capstone Work: Credits: 6

Choose additional credits at the 400 or 500 Level (advisor approved)

General Elective Courses

Sufficient additional credits to bring the total to 120.

Total Credits: 120

Honors in Philosophy

A student may earn an honors B.A. degree in philosophy by achieving an overall GPA of 3.5 and a philosophy GPA of 3.5 or higher; conducting a two-semester (6 credit) research project; preparing a senior thesis based on the research project; and giving an oral presentation of the thesis research. The senior thesis committee must be established one semester before graduation.

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