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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Fine Arts (B.A.)

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Program: B.A.
Department of Fine Arts
College of Visual and Performing Arts

Visual Arts Building 117 ~ 260-481-6705 ~ ipfw.edu/fine-arts

The student learning outcomes for the degree are as follows:

  • Students will develop fundamental technical skills in 2D and 3D art media to successfully express ideas and develop an artistic awareness through visual expression.  Students who pursue a B.A. degree commonly explore advanced General Education study in such areas as anthropology, English, languages, and psychology towards future graduate degrees in Art History, Art Management, and Art Therapy.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is divided into three parts; 33 credit hours of General Studies, 60 credit hours of Content Field (100 Level Foundation Studio (12 CR), 200 Level Studio (21 CR), Advanced 300-400 Studio (18 CR), and Art History (9 CR), also 27 credit hours of General Liberal Arts classes. A total of 120 credit hours of study is required for graduation. Students in the Department of Fine Arts B.A. program must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Admission to B.A. Program with a Major in Fine Arts

To earn the B.A., you must fulfill the requirements of IPFW (Regulations ) and the College of Visual and Performing Arts (Colleges ). Students within the fine arts B.A. must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA within the Content Field (see below).

Components Credits
I. General Education       33
II. Content Field       60
III. General Liberal Arts       27
    Total   120


IPFW General Education Requirements Credits: 33 *includes FINA H111 & H112

General Education Requirements  

A grade of C- or better is required in each course used to satisfy the IPFW general education requirements.  FINA H111 & FINA H112 counts in both Art History and General Education courses for B.A. and Art Education, allowing for two more advanced studio courses. If a student decides to enter the B.F.A. degree, FINA H111 & FINA H112 will not count in the General Education area. Two additional A/B courses will be required in the General Education area. No remedial courses that do not count towards a degree are allowed in General Education or General Studies Elective area.

College of Visual and Performing Arts Requirements

II. Content Field Credits: 60

Students must complete three (3) classes in Art History (9 cr.) plus 51 credit hours of studio work to fulfill the Content Field.

100 level Foundation Requirements Credits: 12

100 Level Foundation Portfolio Review Checkpoint

Students will submit a portfolio of 100 level Foundation studio work to be reviewed by department faculty at the end of all completed 100 level Foundation classes. 

Art History Requirements Credits: 9

Advanced Studio Courses Credits: 18

Studio Electives                                                                    

Six studio classes can be taken at the Advanced Studio level.   Classes must be taken at the 300 level in each area of concentration before 400 level classes.  400 level classes can be repeated to meet credit requirements. Of the total credit hours in this category, two studio classes can be taken from the Department of Visual Communications and Design (VCD) unless permission from your advisor is given to include more. Advanced studio classes should be selected in consultation with the Chair of the Department of Fine Arts.

III. General Study Electives Courses Credits: 33

Thirty-Three (33) credits of liberal arts courses in addition to General Education requirements are needed to fulfill the B.A. requirements.  Liberal Arts classes are defined as any IPFW class counted towards a degree (does not include remedial courses).  An option of pursuing a minor in an outside field is encouraged within these credits. 

Total Credits: 120

Recommendations, Requirements, Transfers, and Policies

Recommendations Students should schedule classes within the B.A. program under the guidance of the official departmental advisor.


Residence Requirements  For a bachelor’s degree, registration in and completion of at least 33 credits of resident course credit at the 200 level or above, including at least 15 credits at the 300 level or above, in courses applicable to the major.


Transfer and Returning Student Credit All studio and art history courses transferred from another institution or former IPFW art programs must be evaluated by appropriate faculty in the Department of Fine Arts program before they may be applied to a major in Fine Arts. See Transfer and Returning Student Credit Review.


Transfer and Returning Student Credit Review Courses in studio art that have been transferred to IPFW from another institution or former IPFW art programs are not counted as part of the Fine Arts major unless they have been reviewed by the Fine Arts faculty. For a review of transferred studio credit, the student should provide the viewer with a portfolio consisting of representative work in each area (e.g. painting, sculpture, etc.) for which the transfer credit is desired. The portfolio should include both studies and finished work and be as encompassing as possible.       


Academic Probation/Dismissal Policies

If a student does not meet the university’s GPA standard, they will be notified that they have been placed on academic probation and will be asked to make progress towards meeting campus standards. Department of Fine Arts programs have their own academic standards as stated above. If a student is not meeting these standards, they will be notified and placed on departmental academic probation. If a student does not make positive progress towards meeting the academic standards of the department within twelve (12) credit hours of study, they will be subject to dismissal from the Department of Fine Arts program.

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