Jun 25, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

History Minor

Program: Minor
Department of History
College of Arts and Sciences

Liberal Arts Building 209 ~ 260-481-6686 ~ ipfw.edu/history

If you are pursuing a major other than history, you may earn a minor in history by completing the following credits with a grade of C- or better in each course.  At least 6 credits must be earned as resident credit at the 200 level or above.

You may contact the Department of History or your primary advisor/major advisor to declare this minor.


Program Requirements

  • Credits in 100-level courses (H105, H106, H113, H114, or equivalent honors courses):  9 Credits
  • Credits above the 100 level, including courses in at least two of the following areas: United States, Western Europe, World History:  9 Credits

Total Credits: 18


Included in the above credits must be at least one course dealing primarily with the period before 1800 (HIST A301, A302, A310, B351, B352,  C386, C388, C390, C393, D402, E331, F341, H113, H201, H205, H222, and occasional special offerings). HIST H232 may not be used to fulfill the Western European History or World History area requirements, but may be used for additional credits toward the major or minor.