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    Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
  Aug 24, 2017
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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Organizational Leadership (A.S.)

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Program: A.S.
Department of Organizational Leadership  
College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Neff Hall 288 ~ 260-481-6420 ~

The student learning outcomes for the degree are as follows:  

  • Students will show an awareness of the cultural context of organizations and demonstrate their ability to work with diverse others.
  • Students will be able to design, lead and participate in a multi-disciplinary team environment.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the professional and ethical implications and responsibilities of leadership.
  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in written, verbal and technological environments.
  • Students will be able to engage in self-reflection for professional and personal development.

This program helps you prepare for leadership positions or for advancement in a wide variety of organizations. The A.S. with a major in organizational leadership is of particular benefit to individuals who already possess technical skills and work experience and to students who complete the program along with a bachelor’s degree in a technical or behavioral-science area. 

To earn the A.S. with a major in organizational leadership, you must satisfy the requirements of IPFW (Regulations ) and the  College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Sciece, Department of Organizational Leadership (Colleges ); earn a grade of C- or better in ENG W131, ENG W233, required General Education courses, and each OLS course; and complete the following requirements:

IPFW General Education Requirements Credits: 30

General Education Requirements    

Category A: Foundational Intellectual Skills

1. Written Communication Credits: 3

2. Speaking and Listening Credits: 3

3. Quantitative Reasoning Credits: 3

Category B: Interdisciplinary or Creative Ways of Knowing

4. Scientific Ways of Knowing Credits: 3

 General Education Requirements  

5. Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing Credits: 6

6. Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing Credits: 3

 General Education Requirements  

7. Interdisciplinary or Creative Ways of Knowing Credits: 3

 General Education Requirements  

General Education Requirement, Category A or B Credits: 6

Must take an additional 6 credits chosen from Category A or B of General Education Requirements .

Total: Credits 60

Special Academic Regulations for Organizational Leadership Degree Programs

Transfer students and students planning to change their major to organizational leadership must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher to be admitted into the program. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above is also required to remain in the division.

OL, business, and technical courses taken more than 10 years ago will not count towards your degree requirements.

If you have not registered for degree-applicable courses as an IPFW OL major for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer), you must satisfy the degree requirements specified in the IPFW Bulletin that includes your year of re-entry.

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